“Home Front”-Kristin Hannah

This book left me with so many emotions. Kristin Hannah is one of my new favorite authors. I love the way she writes. She had me hooked at the beginning of this one. The way she wrote in details about the characters, it felt like you knew them personally. I had so many emotions throughout this book. I was angry at certain times. Then at other times, I was crying. The ending of this book will be leaving you with tears in your eyes.

This book is about a military family. Jolene gets the news one day that she is getting deployed to Iraq. Her husband, Michael, is not supportive of her career. Jo’s main support is her best friend, Tami, who is literally her wing woman. Jo and Tami have a rough time in Iraq while their families are trying to learn how to do everyday things without them. Michael has been picking his career over his family for years. He has to decide if going to the courtroom is more important than his two girls and his wife. Of course, there is a happy ending if you can get through the sadness.

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads.

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