”Something In The Water”-Catherine Steadman

I will be honest.  I wasn’t sure about this book at the beginning.  It slowly grew on me. I listened to this one and was bored listening to it at beginning.  I couldn’t wait to figure out what this book was about. I do like the title though.  I saw the title and automatically just wanted to know what was in the water! Once I found out what was in the water I wanted to know more and more. The details in the writing are well written.
The recap of this story is that there is something in the water, duh!  It is hard to do a recap with this one without giving out spoilers!  A young couple on their honeymoon found the mystery in the water while they were exploring Bora Bora. This couple learned quickly in their marriage how far the other would go for money.  Do they get away with it or do people end up dead? I just know I would do one major thing different if I was in that position. I WOULD HAVE CALLED THE COPS. Erin and Mark of course don’t and just think about the money. How would you have handle these conflicts differently?
I still gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads even though I didn’t like the beginning. Steadman got me with the ending.

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